Cancel student loans for UK Nurses & Doctors after Covid 19

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In the midst of the worst crisis this country has seen since WW2; our nurses and doctors are leading the way in the fight against Covid 19. They put their own health, even life at risk and that of their family to practice medicine.  The NHS is not just the National Health Service, it is now also The National Heroes Society. Junior doctors and nurses alike are on pay not far above minimum wage and many are burdened by a student loan which they took out to complete their studies, so they could look after us when we needed them most.  Not one of them signed up to risk their life on a day to day basis, they signed up to save lives. Not one of them signed up to be part of a seperated family; they signed up to provide care so families could stay together.  By writing off their student debt, it will make a big financial difference to their monthly pay packet. It is a sacrifice the government will of course have to make, but without them all right now, far greater sacrifices would have been made to Covid19.  If you feel that all or even a percentage of all student debt for our healthcare workers should be written off as a Thank You in acknowledge of their incredible work, please sign this petition.