'Build Back Better' - the UK needs a wellbeing economy that puts children and families 1st

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Wendy Ellyatt
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The spread of covid-19 has shone a light on our economy and its reliance on the health and wellbeing of people. Countries around the world (including Scotland New Zealand and Iceland) have now started to commit to economies in which wellbeing is seen as being as fundamental as GDP (Gross Domestic Product) to the measurement of success. 




The health and wellbeing of children and families is central to economic health and sustainability, with the cost of getting it wrong at the beginning resulting in huge costs to the system later on.


From an economic perspective we simply cannot afford NOT to invest in early childhood health and wellbeing. And that means we need to see happy and healthy parents, who have a good work/life balance and who feel connected to their local communities. We also need to see education systems promoting new and more meaningful definitions of success.

We are therefore calling on the UK government to commit to 'Build Back Better' by  investing in the creation of a wellbeing economy, rather than returning to business as usual. And the good news is that voters are already showing their support for this kind of positive change. https://bit.ly/2LryCci