Assisted Villages with adapted homes on sale for families with a member needing assistance

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I have long held a dream where vulnerable people such as myself could live in an 'assisted village' which would employ staff and carers on a permanent 24hr shift basis to look after the residents (any family needing assistance ie at least one family member is for instance elderly, physically or mentally impaired, blind, deaf....) 

The 'village' would by fully adapted; self-contained; have a dedicated security team; and could offer employment (as appropriate), leisure facilities, shops etc. I would expect all properties to be linked to the 'Village Hall' via an alarm/panic button/pendant thus negating the need for live-in carers.

All properties would be purchased from the Village by the prospective resident/s and would be sold back to the Village, for subsequent re-sale, when such residency is no longer required.

All staff costs would be met via the combined benefits of the 'assisted' residents.

Let those of us who need assistance live in such a way that we can offer assistance to other vulnerable people. If my limbs don't work fully; my brain does.  If my friend's memory and cognitive thought does not fully function; her limbs do.  We help each other.  

The support and caring of an Assisted Village would be beneficial to the NHS (bed blocking & care homes), the local Council budgets (care agency costs), the care industry (permanent employment on previously agreed hours) AND the well-being of families across our nation who have been struggling without support (moral or physical) for years,

PLEASE help me to make this happen.  Thank you