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Bring life saving immunotherapy to the UK

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Bring Life Saving Treatment to the UK. Offer payment plans. Help save Kathleen


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Ok so my mum has vaginal cancer and it’s terminal she has been given a prognosis of up to 12 months if she has the palliative radiotherapy that the NHS are offering her. There is a lot more details to my mums storey and you can read this on the attached go fund me link.

Mums are so special and no one wants to hear the dreaded news of ‘I have cancer’. When my mum found out about the cancer, I remember she called me at home (we only initially thought she had pulled a muscle) which was causing streaks of blood in her urine but the consultant was as cold as ice on 06th February 2017 and told her the worst news ever ‘you have cancer’ she begged that they would scan her there and then but they said no, she would have to wait until 08th of February which doesn’t sound like a long time but trust me when you have such dark news time then passes much slower.

On the 08th she had her scans and on Friday 10th of February they confirmed her cancer was in one place and had not spread which is what we were hoping for as it was easier to treat.

We were told it was ‘aggressive’ but they felt they could get rid of it.

In March 17 mum had surgery to remove her womb, ovaries and lymph’s as her cancer first started in the neck of the womb. She did so well. My mum is petrified of needles not alone major surgery.

During another ordeal with sepsis she found out it was then in her vaginal area so was told to continue with the highest dose of chemotherapy.

she battled through all her treatment under the impression she would be cured and continue to live.

In January 18 we were told her three tumours that had shrunk previously after the chemotherapy had grown bigger and two new ones have appeared.

We found this out as mum was getting a lot of kidney pain and lots of blood, and it was established that the tumours were pressing on her kidneys and bladder which was causing pressure on the organs causing pain, bleeding and sickness.

She has been offered palliative radiotherapy with a prognosis of up to 12 months. 

This news has broken my heart and as her daughter seeing my mum so vulnerable in hospital wiping her tears away as she hears the news is the worst feeling in the world. Her eyes and face was so red from the crying something I will never forget.

I spoke to the doctor privately and they confirmed there was nothing else they could do.

At this point I felt angry and very emotional as I felt as though everyone was giving up on her and I knew I couldn’t do that as it’s not in my nature and I love her.

I cried and cried until I couldn’t cry anymore then I started to research the internet for the best private clinics that offer life saving treatment and the Hallwang clinic said they feel they can help my mum with combined immunotherapy. I was scared of asking the costs because I knew it would be sky high. It’s a minimum of £100,000. If she needed more treatment then the costs would go up.

I asked if they have payment plans and the doctor from the Hallwang clinic said no we don’t do this all patients must pay up before leaving their care. In one way I understand this due to past patients maybe not paying their debts but it has made it impossible for people like my mum.

I have some great support around me and setting up charity events and raffles.

Also as a family we’re looking internally about what we can raise.

The reason for this partition is not only to raise awareness to the public about how important Smear tests are and always checking out blood in the urine as this was the tell tale sign for my mum. BUT to also help get the life saving treatment in the UK. Make it more available to everyone. 

Even if we had to pay it would make it more accessible and more people would live that have been diagnosed with this dreadful disease.

Why are we only offered chemotherapy or radiotherapy? If that doesn’t work then their left to die like my poor mum.

There are so many positive stories around this immunotherapy and we need to bring more of these positive stories to the UK. Please share this as wide spread as possible.

Having going through all of this pain and upset someone under the name of ‘Simon Cowell’ on twitter offered my mum help and after a couple of weeks things that he was saying via private messages did not add up and he was asking me for £300 for a cheque to be delivered from the states and that I’d pay the courier.

Of course if it was genuine I would pay for it.

so I contacted ITV to find out if this was really him and after investigation it was confirmed that it was a fake account that someone had set up in his name and was offering us false hope.

I had to tell my mum what had happened and as you can imagine it has given her more sadness to deal with. Just always be cautious because when your vulnerable you don’t think the same and it’s easy to be scammed.

My mums link

My mums Facebook blog is ‘fight for Kathleen’ please show her support by adding it and keeping up to date with how she is getting on.





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