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Alison Walker
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As a languages student, we are required to complete one academic year abroad as part of our degree. This immersion in a country that speaks a language that I am studying is crucial in my learning experience, and all of my lecturers are agreed on this. Full immersion in a country of that language is the best and most efficient way to learn amd improve upon our languages skills.

The Government had voted against re-considering the new clause 10 which would have given us the chance to negotiate UK membership within the ERASMUS+ programme. A programme which allows European students the chance to travel to a different country, and to immerse themselves in another culture. This is not the time for us to be cut off from the rest of the world. 

This programme has enriched the lives of so many people, from former students to current students and if this programme is cut then it will be a big issue for my many students, like myself. In the past, this programme has been known to provide approximately 50% of a student's overall funds necessary for their semester or year abroad.

I have friends at my University who are currently ERASMUS students from Spain, France and other countries and they all agree that this programme is completely invaluable. If it no longer exists for a UK citizen, then many students who are in a similar situation as myself will face the uncertainty of this decision. Many of us cannot afford this without assistance and I have been told by the ERASMUS co-ordinator within my University that it can cost around £6000 per semester

UK Government, on the behalf of all students, I am begging you to try and get back into the ERASMUS programme.