Brexit - The UK public calls for a 2nd referendum to decide if we should leave Europe?

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One simple question on a very complex issue. 

Are you in favour of a second Brexit referendum?

It is not my intention here to influence anyone's decision or thought process around Brexit however I believe, as a UK Citizen, as I am sure so many of you out there also do, that the current situation we find ourselves in is simply not acceptable.

How many people out there are thinking to themselves something needs to be done about this but feel that a single voice is not going to make a difference? We have an opportunity to unify under this petition and make our collective voice heard one more time to call upon the UK Parliament to hold a second Brexit referendum to be 100% certain it remains the will of the people.

I believe everyone has the right to rethink their position and, based on what we now know, make more of an informed decision as to whether or not we should leave Europe.

Time is fast running out and as a collective we need to take decisive action and be given the opportunity to think again about what is best for us, our families, our communities and our country.

Never before has a subject caused such a divide in our communities. I believe a lot of opinions have changed since June 23rd 2016 so please join me in this petition if you want the opportunity to vote again.

I have no political allegiance, I represent no-one other than myself. I do however care enough about my country to start this petition to see if Brexit is still the will of the people.

Don't sit back and wish in the future you tried to make a difference. Make that difference now and make it count for something.

Together we can make this the largest ever petition the UK has seen.

If you feel like me that there should be a second Brexit referendum please share this petition with everyone you know and let's see where the journey takes us. 

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