Brandon Estate has suffered many gang violence, Jackhobbs youth Resource centre is close.

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Our young people are killing themselves and crime and gang violence is on the rise and especially our local Brandon Estate has suffered many fatalities. Children are at risk of been groomed into crime and gang violence and local youth centres are not enough to steer young people away from the life of crime and gang violence. 

Our local resource centre Jackhobbs, where we have been helping young people with education, Counselling, skills training, talent spotting for over six years have been closed down by Southwark council, leaving children and young people vulnerable to grooming and gang culture. While the council is wasting monies on pavements, our young people in Brandon Estate and nearby areas are been neglected. We believe that monies wasted on pavements can be urgently utilised to support local charities and community groups to help with early intervention resource centre like Jackhobbs to prevent kids from following gang culture and crime. Please help us sign this petition to reopen Jackhobbs resource centre for children and young people, you can make a great change become a reality for young people.