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Block conservatives proposal of UK censored Internet

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The Conservative party are planning to create a UK Internet.  This is an Internet where the government will have oversight and total control on what can and cannot be accessed or published online.  

If this goes ahead, freedom of the internet (its original intention) and freedom of speech will disappear as the government will be solely in charge of the content you wish the view and content you publish.

Our lives are already heavily influenced by the mainstream media which offer only one side of the event.  To take away our ability to question and think for ourselves is a direct attack on our independence.

I don't know about everyone else, but personally I am getting sick of the government coming in and treating us like children.  We don't need our hand's held.

They're trying to sell this by using statements like : "stop internet bullying", "viewing horrific content"  and "harder to access pornography".

All of these are big issues, especially with minors accessing the internet - but I don't believe the government should be forcing laws upon us to resolve - we have a that responsibility.

This is not the right solution.  

Some details are given in this article : more details

There should be law, and there should be common rules which we all should follow to be decent human beings who contribute to a better society.  Limiting our discovery for learning and hand holding is not the solution.

If you feel strongly about keeping the internet as free as it can be and to have a voice to make a petition (like this) in the future - please inform others and stop the chains and censorship from becoming reality



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