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Better Sex ED in all UK schools.

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Sexual Education in the UK is completely understated and is actually filled with outdated misconceptions. The long-term effect this is having on UK citizens is leading to higher levels of STIs, unwanted pregnancies, and basic lack of hygiene. I have started this petition in the hope that the UK parliament will reimagine how schools teach Sexual Education, updating the facts and giving more information to students from the very start of high school, and giving students access to sexual protection, like condoms, or informing students how to access other forms of contraception such as The Pill or implants.

Through my experience talking to other people my age (I recently left high school) most people do not know basic things, such as:

  1. what is and is not sexual consent,
  2. what counts as sexual assault and abuse,
  3. the different basic parts of the LGBT+ community,
  4. anything to do with same-sex relationships,
  5. what is and is not normal in sexual development and puberty, (eg, acne, growing pains, developing crushes on others and how to handle them/ deal with heartbreak)
  6. anything to do with people making different choices with their bodies (eg shaving),
  7. the physical and emotional effect menstruation has on the body. 
  8. gender identity and transgender awareness,
  9. respecting other peoples bodies,
  10. sexual hygiene, (I know people that had yeast infections for weeks or even months before getting help because they didn't know what was wrong and didn't know who to turn to for help)
  11. basic understanding of sex itself, (i have met 20+ girls who think that there is a physical 'cherry' inside the vagina and it 'pops' when you first have sex)


Teaching students these things from age 11+ has been proven by other countries to lower levels of unwanted pregnancies dramatically, raise confidence in teens, make students more understanding of others, lower levels of STIs, improve hygiene, and massively decrease levels of homophobia and transphobia in schools. 

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