Beat Fraud

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London is one of the most successful financial cities in the world, however due to its size and the considerable number of personnel working in the financial sector, the amount of fraud has reached epidemic proportion. The financial fraudsters in the city are going to threaten our financial industry with the rest of the world. Fraud in the UK has nearly doubled in the last five years

The government must deal with this problem.

  • Increase the penalty to deter fraudsters.
  • Give more resources to the police and fraud investigators.
  • Get the FCA and FCS up to be able to deal with today's problems, which they are not at present.
  • Use the Libor fine from the banks to compensate persons defrauded of their savings, not just giving it away to charity.

Help people like a 70-year-old veteran defrauded out of his pension, by several companies and at least 6 people, still waiting for the police to prosecute the con man after 5 years. This was a straight forward case and should have been dealt with straight away.

The world of finances has moved on, but our government has not! The new robbers are the con men and must be stopped. They are wrecking lives.

Please sign and make the government do more to help our veteran.