Ban the use of "IS" or "ISIS"

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The use of "ISIS" or "Islamic State" is frequent when referrring to the horrendous terrorist attacks commit by psychopaths claiming to be 'Muslims'. 

Yet, these terrorists are not Muslim. So why claim that they are "representatives of Islam"

The Qur'an states the complete opposite to their actions and the argument regarding that "there is another side" is based on fake quotation from the Internet (claiming to be in the Qur'an).

We don't need to feed the propaganda, radicalisation and islamophobia with language such as "Islamic state".

I want the use of IS, ISIS, and Islamic State banned from media.

Negotiations for a replacing word can occur which does not discriminate against an entire religion. 

Perhaps Daesh would be a better alternative. 

It's just two words - but these two words could change everything.

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