Ban fireworks outside of public displays to protect dogs

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Fireworks are harming our dogs. The loud noises cause extreme stress, anxiety and pain. Watch the attached video and see for yourself.

The harm caused to our beloved pets vastly outweighs any enjoyment we get from firework displays. This lasts from before Hallowe'en until after the New Year. Personally, I can't stand to see my dog shaking in fear for even one night let alone for months on end.

This petition calls on the UK Government to ban the private sale of fireworks. It also calls for a 10pm curfew on public displays.

We recognise that it takes a long time for a bill to be proposed, debated and become law, so we also call on supermarkets to take action in the meantime. We ask major retailers to end the sale of fireworks immediately. It's time to put animal welfare before profits.

If you agree that fireworks are not worth animals' pain and suffering, please sign below.