BAN and REMOVE all "Pro Anorexia" content from social media

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BAN and REMOVE all "Pro Anorexia" content from social media

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Sacha Justine Cuddy started this petition to UK Parliament and

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Pro Anorexia is flooding social media and has a painful amount of problems attached to it. ANYONE of any age can access this material easily and it even comes up on their normal social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr & more. 

As someone who is fighting a severe eating disorder, accounts & websites such as :

(WARNING : these websites are displayed for the petition only and I do not advise ANYONE other than people in charge who are able to remove this content to click on the links below!)

Pro Anorexia influences so many people. From tips on how to diet, to tips on how to get your BMI to a dangerously low figure. Especially on Instagram, I see a lot of accounts claiming they are NOT "Pro" yet they still post photos of extremely thin women & men. There is a block/report option on all social media platforms I have seen it on, but nothing is done about it. It frustrates and upsets me that since I was obsessed with "Pro Anorexia" websites, 6 years later there is still, if not more, disturbing and toxic content floating around the internet with very little said or done about it. 

This affects people of all ages and not only is it promoting eating disorders, it is promoting death. 

In this day and age, almost everyone uses some sort of social media platform. This means the whole population is at risk. 

Please note that eating disorders do not discriminate. ANYONE can become ill. Weight, gender, height, sexuality, race, skin colour & disability do not change the equal possibility of that person developing a life threatening mental illness. 

This needs to be dealt with for the sake of my own health, your health & EVERYONE'S health. 

Please sign this and share it on every social media platform you use and together we can make a difference.

Thank you,

Sacha Justine Cuddy & Jodie Kirkman

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This petition had 2,774 supporters

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