Babies born alive under 24 weeks to be seen by neo-natal Dr & to receive intensive support

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Our son Arthur was born alive at 23weeks he was said to be a “big strong boy for his gestation” by the midwives who delivered him. There were no Drs present when he was born nor were any neo-natal Drs called before or after he was born. Myself or my husband were never spoken to has to what our wishes are about intensive support for our son. I held our son & after about 1hour midwife said she couldn’t feel his heartbeat so I said my goodbyes & he was taken into the room next door, we were never told he was still alive, it wasn’t until the next day we found out he lived for 3hours 34minutes. If we had known he was still alive after he was taken away we would have screamed & shouted for someone to help our son.