Axe the VAT on ALL Menstrual Hygiene Products!

Axe the VAT on ALL Menstrual Hygiene Products!

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Axe the VAT on all Menstrual Hygiene Products! 
We call on the UK Government to remove the unjust and discriminatory taxes placed on menstrual hygiene products and ensure that all sustainable options, including period leak-proof underwear, are included in the VAT-free legislation ensuring people of all ages and ethnicities in the UK have access to as wide a choice as possible of reusable products. 

Menstruating people and our world deserve access to both affordable but sustainable menstrual solutions! 

1. Every disposable pad uses 4 plastic bags 
2. Every tampon box and disposable pad is wrapped in layers of plastic 
3. Most of the mainstream disposable products still use chemicals in the production of their products, which are then dumped further damaging our environment 
4. The production process to make a single-use product uses the same amount of energy and water to produce a reusable product 
5. Every menstrual woman will use over 15,000 disposable pads-tampons in their menstrual years. All of which are dumped into our landfill, or worse flushed down our waterways with no care for the impact they are having on our environment. In 2016 Anglian Water did a survey and found that 60% of women would chose to flush tampons rather than bin them, with 41% of women stating they didn’t know they weren’t flushable or that that could damage the environment.  
6. 77% of Modibodi's UK customers use our product for menstrual management- and no other purpose 
7. 67% of Modibodi's UK customers choose to use period underwear to completely replace disposable hygiene products. 

19,786 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!