Axe SEXUAL lifestyles being enforced on children in UK school systems

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I want the government to remove the schools legal right for sexual preferences to be taught in schools. This should be the parents decision and parents should have an overall say, in the way that it is taught in schools.
Diversity comes in all forms, however children go to institutions to obtain ACADEMIC qualifications, unobtainable from any other place. The time at school should be used to teach subjects that will enhance a childs future. Teaching children about LGBT is an abuse of educational power that allows schools to persue. How will the benefits & quality of teaching LGBT to school children, be assessed?  What exactly are they hoping to achieve by enforcing this law? 

There is also the issue that it is biased & shows a disregard for other peoples views. Especially for those, who are religious or come from a more conservative background. Every person in society does not have the same thoughts & ideologies of LGBT. Is it right  for the government to intervene  on educating your children on social issues due to project fear? Fear, that parents may possibly teach their children their own non-violent, non-discriminatory morals and beliefs. Does the human rights law, allow the government to dictate to parents which parts of their faith, religion or moral standards they are allowed to follow?  Is this the governments way of trying to restrict &/or abolish our right to pass on our  practices of faiths, religions and moral standards to our children?

How can schools teach LGBT adequately,  without undermining core values of  parents faiths, beliefs and morals. It is mandatory for children aged between  5-16yrs  to be at school. School children are being controlled & conditioned into accepting government propaganda. What next, Christians, Muslims and other people of faith & moral beliefs, should be affraid of getting  ARRESTED or extremely FINED  because their ideologies  do not adhere and conform to enforced law? Anyone who dares to indicate that they do not agree with others peoples lifestyle choices are threatened with imprisonment and dismissal.  Meanwhile, belittling & ridiculing peoples choices of beliefs, gets  appreciation and the highest praise.

We only have to look at the UK politictian who was  forced  to resign over their Christian faith. Yet, the government tries to pertain the idea that equality and discrimination laws are there for EVERYONE but somehow this does not include people who are PROUD to practice their faiths and beliefs. 

Will the government  force teachers to teach children issues that compromise their own beliefs and understandings? Is this ethical? 
Children should be taught, that  RESPECTING EVERYONE is paramount, regardless of their family or social background. All children should be going to school to learn. Schools should concentrate on bringing children together based on this.  Schools need to work hard at making sure that ALL pupils are able to achieve high qualifications so that all children can  have high opportunities to go onto further education or any choice for their  future career. There should be no need to just prioritise, focus and segregate LGBT acceptance in schools from any other social issues. There should be every effort for schools to avoid controversial social issues when educating young children. The government should be encouraging Schools to work with ALL parents to overcome these social issues. 
Recently, in an area where the MP representative is openly part of the LGBT community, the MP used their political power, to FORCE primary school children to take part in the National pride parade. School children were forced to parade around their school,  wearing rainbow colours whilst holding banners. Parents & children were  given NO CHOICE whether they could  participate or not. This MP did not feel that they were required to attend any other event  celebrated by this primary school, but they were very vocal and pleased about their fulfilment with regards to being part of this LGBT enforcement in primary schools.This is direct abuse, of the law, on the youngest UK school children.

I fail to see enforcements on the NATIONAL CURRICULUM, addressing  gang & knife related crimes, that destroy and ruin young  lives.'  In many areas  across the  UK, this should be the main focus. Families are struggling to know how to tackle these outside pressures that their children face from social tolerance to drugs & violence. How many more young children have to die or be lost in the underworld of crime before the  government provides their time & energy into enforcing some or any  at all political laws to help prevent the catastrophic outcomes? However the governments main priority is to ENFORCE  and  FORCE that these  young children should  learn about LGBT. Why? 
This must be stopped. School is for learning ACADEMICS. It should not be used as a legal tool to innocent children.