Automatic PR For Both Parents.

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For years now Courts have discriminated Fathers due to the outdated family law.

My Story

April 14th 2016 - My Grandad was my only father figure and taught me the importance of family. He taught me how to be a man. On this date Non - Small Cell Terminal Lung Cancer took his life and sent me into a grieving state which forced me out of a relationship.

May 2016 to Nov 2016 - I met what I thought to be an amazing woman. We talked and fell in love like any young couple would. We exchanged secrets and told stories to eachother.

2 months into our relationship she began to feel insecure and paranoid about our relationship. I made a promise that day that I am still trying to uphold now. I promised her that if I gave her a baby I would never walk away and always support her... by then she had told me that she had always wanted a baby girl.

We began trying and no sooner she fell pregnant... then the emotion abuse creeped up. She broke up with me a few times then apologised and we resumed our relationship because who was I kidding... i loved her. 

Eventually November came and she text me saying that I work too much and she thought it was best if we split up. I never heard from her after that.

March 2017 - I was allowed to find out that my son was born 6 days after his birth. I then got to see him after spamming texts for a date to see him. I then decided to seek a solicitor when he was 2 weeks old.

My son is now 1 year old and I have been drug tested, base 2 checked and been studied on a supervised visit by the Courts Childrens Officer. I have an NMO against me and i was almost forced out of my job to commit to parenting classes for 2 hours a week in a contact centre, supervised!

I have also been diagnosed with depression and anxiety as a consequence of my battle through court.

We need to update the family law so that both parents can have a fair say and be rid of this bias attitude towards, more than worthy, fathers.

Men have the highest suicide rate due to mental illness. I believe that this is one of the leading causes to men's ill mental health.

Please sign this petition if you are wanting to make a difference. You would not only be helping so many children have a better childhood but you will be saving so many lives too! 

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