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Apple, the worlds biggest company, should fully pay all it's taxes.

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Multi-national companies are using every means to avoiding paying tax, so are depriving billions of people, across the world from improving their health and their lives, because governments are losing billion of dollars from tax avoiders. 

Do you love Apple products but disapprove of their tax dodging business ethics?  

If so, will you sign this petition to send a clear message to Apple that all is not well.  

I am one of the hundreds of millions who have for decades, been delighted to own and use Apple products, including iPhones, i Mac’s, i Pad’s, i Watch, laptops and other products. 

Apple’s customer service and their commitment to ensuring that Apple users are offered every help to understand how to use and enjoy their devices is second to none. 

Apple provides free classes and easy access, one-to-one advice, for Apple product owners, to maximise their understanding and enjoyment of these superb devices, is unique and a superb innovation.    

Apple products are amazingly well designed, easy to use and very reliable products.

It is hard to understand how Apple can justify their products being so incredibly expensive, except that this has clearly led to Apple becoming the most successful company in the world. 

The founder of Apple the late Steve Jobs, a practicing Buddhist, was clearly a man of integrity and high moral standards, except it seemed in his companies financial management, which has used every means at its disposal to avoid paying their fair share of tax, in all of the countries in the world where they have made a phenomenal fortune. 

This petition is being launched to allow the public and especially anyone who owns and uses Apple products, to send a clear message to Apple, that it is time to get their house in order and stop using dodgy tactics to avoid paying their taxes.

Tax evasion, in all its forms deprives countries and communities across the world of tax income that is essential to the health and successful maintenance of family and community life.   



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