Annual Driving Tests for over-70s in Scotland

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I am appealing to you today to carefully consider the law with regards to elderly drivers. Personal autonomy is a very sensitive topic and the truth of the matter is we don't want to think of age as something which holds you back, especially with daily life which for many involves driving a car. However this week, in the neighbourhood I grew up in, a 3 year old boy was tragically killed by a 91 year old driver who came off the road and onto the pavement. This little boy was simply out for a walk with his mum and he should have been safe, but he wasn't. Not even on the pavement. I am not an expert, but I believe we need to get this debate started on how to make a change and prevent something like this happening again in Scotland. From the research I've done I have seen suggestions for annual driving tests for the over 70s as a possible solution, but I think the important thing for now is showing support for the idea of getting this issue discussed in Parliament and working to find a solution that is both practical and effective. 

To the family of the little boy, whose privacy I wish to respect on this petition, I am so deeply sorry. I hope we can bring him justice.