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Pause BREXIT, EU reform for all members, second UK referendum

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Whilst 52% of those voting wanted to leave the EU, the 71% turnout does NOT give them a mandate to trample on the hopes of those who voted to remain.

The people of the UK and EU should demand a pause to reflect and understand what Brexit actually means to EVERYONE and how it will affect not just Europe, but the rest of the world in terms of stability, and prosperity for future generations.

The last few weeks have highlighted the dishonest information the LEAVE campaign peddled during the referendum. There has been an increase in racial assault and intolerance, Sterling is worth substantially less, food prices and inflation are rising, and the UK, instead of being a leader within the EU is being marginalised. Britain also risks internal fragmentation.

The most alarming revelation is that Brexit leaders and UK government had no idea what withdrawing from the EU would mean in practice. There were no plans in place for that eventuality and insufficient experienced negotiators to even begin the process. The government is moving towards Brexit without proper democratic scrutiny of any proposed terms. If there is 'Hard Brexit' it is clear that the marginalised and disaffected voters who were persauded to vote to leave, will be those who will suffer most.

The triggering of Article 50 should be put on hold. This would enable the EU to make a commitment to substantial reforms which bring benefits to all without requiring any country to surrender its own destiny or suffering a diminution of identity and culture. The terms of this new agreement can then be put to the British people in a further Referendum, so that unlike the previous vote, people can decide what is in our best interests ON THE FACTS, as opposed to inaccurate claims made by political leaders.

Please sign our EU wide petition to make this happen; it is open to all EU citizens.


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