Allow the right for students to Individually appeal their Centre Assessed Grades (CAGs).

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Issues with Centre Assessed Grades (CAGs):

The awarding of CAGs is fundamentally flawed. Pupils from lower socio-economic backgrounds and schools with lower progression to higher education have been disproportionately effected. 

Through internal moderations, teacher's adherence to strict Ofqual guidelines meant capable students were downgraded often against teachers professional judgment.

Comparatively, state schools had fewer spaces available at A*/A grades. This, in conjunction with complying with historical data, meant that although a student was able to attain A*, they were downgraded for fear of whole cohort scrutiny by Ofqual.

Discrepancies in how CAGs were awarded between centres has amplified existing educational barriers. Independent/private schools allocated higher grades and In contrast, state school followed historical data intently. Consequently, the government U-turn has only benefited a select few. 

Students are calling for a fair and individual appeals process which includes:

1. Reassessment of CAGs without the influence of Ofqual Guidelines. 

2. Allow schools to accept appeals. In accepting appeals, schools should not be implicated with malpractice or administration error.

3. Where appeals are successful, the Rank Order and CAGs allocated to other students in the cohort should remain unchanged