Allow one family member to attend euthanasia of family pet

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Firstly, I want to start by saying that if this in any way sharply increases the chance of the spread of Covid 19 then I am happy to close the petition. However, with the full use of PPE and anti-bacterial wash I feel that it can be safe practice.

This comes about due to the sudden demise of our pet dog, Harvey, who was diagnosed with an aggressive and terminal cancer last week at the age of 9.  Harvey still has quality of life and other than slowing down he is still the same old lovable dog. The news obviously hit the family hard and we are all still coming to terms with life without him. 

The part that we are struggling with the most though was being told that when the time comes to put him to sleep, no one is allowed in with him to offer final comfort. It rips my heart out thinking of him there with none of us by his side, especially knowing his anxiety he gets with being at the vets. 

The veterinary staff have been wonderful and I hope that they do not feel that I am putting them at risk but the hope is that common sense can prevail and with all usual covid safe and social distancing measures adhered to, a rule change to allow one person to accompany our pets for their final moments can be a reachable compromise. 

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