Allow Golf for Families (Cohabitants)

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Florian Krueger
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The economic impact of the Coronavirus crisis is bad enough and whilst it can be understood that draconian measures were necessary at the beginning, now is the time to allow sports venues to reconsider opening.

This will, of course, require a fair amount of common sense and should only be possible for venues, where sufficient distance can be guaranteed, but if cohabitants want to go for a round of golf, or play tennis, for example, this should not be categorically forbidden but left for the individual clubs to decide.

If done sensibly, the benefits commercial as well as health-wise, will by far outweigh the negative aspects of more people being on the move, etc.. It is understood that Golf clubs will inherently be careful, as they typically have an older than average membership structure, but with clubhouses and changing facilities remaining closed, no gatherings, or outside flights being permitted and everyone being reminded to not touch any objects such as flags etc. during the round, we believe that the risk is very manageable indeed.

If you agree and want to walk with a purpose rather then just in circles without a meaning, enjoy the spring outdoors and not jeopardise anyone safety, then please sign this petition and let's try to get our Government to re-consider unnecessary generalisations.

Let's re-open our courses for family members and cohabitants and breath fresh air again!