All officers of the law carrying firearms

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Inlight of everything happening recently with manchester and being from manchester myself as well as events in london and also  past events in london 07/07 With police cut backs and all the terrany. I feel it is best for our country to follow in others on this occasion. If we has citizens can not take a stand for our safety then we are expecting officers to do so for us. These officers some bobbys on the beat face drastic even deadly circumstances daily atm. In these events these officers who protect us have to wait on armed response to protect them. I feel each officer no matter the rank should be given full training an then there after be issued a firearm on joining the service. Being 2 feet away with pepper spray facing a bomb is no easy task on anybodies safety including the officer. 20 feet away though the officer and civilians are less at risk. Mame to wound but in deadly situations these officers should have the right to use deadly force