All high schools within the uk must respect all LGBT teens in anyway possible.

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I am a high school student currently struggling with the fact my school doesn't respect my wishes, I am female to male transgender.

There are students at my school who are 'genderfluid', 'agender' ect. It's not fair on us when we ask our teachers to respect how we want to be called, for me my names Jacob, they will not have me called by that and will not give me any reasoning, other pupils feel the same way, and I'm sure there are many other schools with students who feel the exact way too.

my reason behind this is if teachers started helping the new generation of LGBT+ teens by calling them there preferred name(s) and pronoun(s) they'd be more comfortable within school grounds, as I do not feel comfortable within my school, I'm hoping this can make a change to schools and help pupils feel like their true selves.