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Alienated Grandchildren/parents access rights

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Many children and their grandparents live in the awful circumstance all around the world that they are unable to see each other due the unjustifiable actions and unresolved issues of their parents, who have decided not to allow the children to see their grandparents.

This petition aims to redress the imbalance that exists between grandchildren, parents and grandparents, and to give a voice to those grandchildren who would want to see their grandparents but are unable to speak for themselves, and whose rights to a potentially life enriching relationship with loving and supportive grandparents, have been taken away.

Although this letter is addressed to UK parliament as I live in the UK, this petition is in support of every grandchild/parent around the world, if I have enough signatures to make an impact not only will this go to UK parliament I will make it known in as much media cover as possible, to support the rest of the world, but it would have to be at least 100,000 signatures to make an impact so wherever you are in the world please keep signing and make a difference.

As an alienated grandparent from my two grandchildren (through no fault of my own), the pain is real and raw. I have never hurt or upset my grandchildren, but through my sons choice to estrange himself from me, he has refused to allow me to continue to see my grandchildren.

My grandchildren are too young to have their own voice. Although this is not always the case, many grandchildren want to see their grandparents, but are manipulated or refused that right from their parents. I understand that in some cases, it may be in the best interest of the of the welfare of the children to not remain in contact with the grandparents, but in most cases this is simply not true.

There are thousands of us grandparents out there who feel they have to suffer this ongoing issue for years and years without being able to give their love and support in the lives of their grandchildren, and are unable to do anything about it.

Please sign the petition and with 100,000 signatures this will be addressed in government and we be able to make some sort of change to benefit all concerned.

Thank you

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