After the debate - CALL FOR CHANGE for ME patients

The outright abuse of people with ME is beyond disgusting. I want those who are involved to held accountable. There is never any accountability for the abuse of power of the medical profession or media for the harm they have caused and continue to cause. There is no excuse for it. If the psychologists refuse to accept science and continue to cause harm they should have thier licences removed and face action against them.

There is plenty of science showing this is a biological illness if people look for it. How can someone with a disease where the defining symptom is Post Exertional Malaise (the worsening of the illness, sometimes permanently after exertion) be expected to recover with exersion? It harms people and then they are gaslighted and blamed for it. Told its all in thier head and its because they are not trying hard enough. They are shamed and humiliated by medical professionals, denied help and many have been abandoned by thier own families because of it. Many are left crawling around in the dark behind closed doors just trying to survive, very few see the depth of the suffering or situation we are in as the sick and abused are too sick to leave the house or fight. How can this still be happening to us? Please stop this cruelty.

This reality like most other facts are not usual covered by the media, especially in medical journals like the bmj who constantly spew hate and damaging manipulative papers. Meanwhile it is rare to see any real studies in mainstream media. Not even the house of parliament debate was covered by any main stream media. The gas lighting of the public and people with ME must stop.

Elley Miller, Swindon, United Kingdom
5 months ago
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