Add Parents’ names in/on children’s passports

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Nowadays children are traveling with one  parent only more often than ever.

Women (mothers) , however, are disadvantaged when traveling alone, without the father of the child, because unless they have their children’s , and husbands’, surname they are asked infinite questions at the Border.

They are asked additional documents to prove the relationship, or the father consent.

This does not happen to fathers, when they have the same surname.

We understand the need for children to be safe, and not be abducted by others, but leaving things like this could also mean that a member of the family with the same surname of the child (e.g. the father’s brother) could easily travel with the child, with no questions asked.

This is unfair and makes also some women think they better change their surname to avoid these problems.

It is for these reasons that we ask the Uk Parliament to help create a fairer and more equal society, where women who choose not to change their surnames are not disadvantaged when traveling.

We need the government  to add into children’s passports their parents’ names.

This could be in the chip contained in the child’ Passport, or even the parents names printed  on the pages within it. 

This happens in many other Countries, and avoids confusion and inequalities.

Thank you.