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In the current day and age, 1 in 10 women here in the UK have Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome.

And yet, there is so little information, or help, available.

I was diagnosed in October 2017, with 13 cysts growing on my ovaries. It explained the weight gain, the hair growth on my body, the mood swings, the heavy and random periods, the upset stomachs, the constant bloating, lack of sex drive, thinning hair, acne flare ups... the list literally goes on and on.

And even though having this makes sufferers more susceptible to multiple more life changing and potentially life threatening problems (diabetes type 2, heart disease, cardiovascular disease, ovarian cancer, infertility etc.), I was told that until I am looking to conceive, a diagnosis is all that is required.

I may not be looking to conceive right now, but how does it make sense to let me go unchecked until I am ready? And what happens if it's too late by that time?

No follow ups. No 6 monthly scans to check the size/nature/amount of cysts presenting themselves. No medicine. No advice. Nothing.

And I know this to be the case for almost all UK PCOS suffering women.

How can we let something that affects SO many people, go so unresearched and ignored? 

We need more. We need action. We need information. We need them to stop and listen.

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