Accountability behind family courts where abuse on children is promoted

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For decades child abise has been allowed and promoted on the probibility and bias agencies who latch on board with the aligned parent. To promote targeting healthy parents.whilst child abuse runs rife. Anthony douglas ceo of cafcass as clearly brought this to the public attention. Sadly targeted parents are simply that targeted by exes parners coercive controlling parents who have a total disregard to the whole system process and methodoligy and also flaunt and manipulate the laws. While using thier children as pawns in thier war on want. This is promoted by the very agencies who are set out to safeguard the children whobare being silently forgotten and abused.while a sytem abuses the very laws set out. The paramouncy in family court should be the children yet the children suffer in silence. Parental alienation should be treated as any other form of abuse. Children should never be forced to choose a parent. Should not be brainwashed indoctranated denigrated. Targeted parents should also not be denigrated treated in unhealthy ways. In many cases in family court section 66 maybe applied as a reminder laws are set out to protect every single individual in the uk. And this would also include besides the targeted parents. The forgotten children who suffer in silence. Help us make parental alienation child abuse a thing of the past