Abusive partners should not be given the right to apply for Shared Parental Care (50:50)!

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On average it takes more than 35 tines for a woman to be assaulted by her partner to report abuse! Yes this is national average for an adult who is capable of recognising the wrong behaviour. How many tines do you think will take for a child to speak up??? Children are far more easily coerced, they may even accept that it is their fault and keep quiet! Please let’s stop the abuser having that opportunity. 

Once the relationship breaks down many women are able to apply for an injunction or a non-molestation order but the ex-partner has every right to access his children. Whilst a lot of them may genuinely want to see the child, this gives them the perfect opportunity to continue their controlling behaviour through the child! Often the ex-abuser is not even interested in the child, but sees the child as a way to take revenge or gain control of his ex-victim again!