Abolish the £156 Self-Employed Pension Tax

Abolish the £156 Self-Employed Pension Tax

6 December 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by Sixty Pension

Self-employed people pay £156 more Pension Tax
every year than employees, but get the same State Pension*.

The official name of the Pension Tax is Class 2 National Insurance and it costs £156 a year (£3 a week). If you're self-employed and you don't pay Class 2 National Insurance, then your State Pension will be lower.

Employees don't have to pay this tax. It's a sneaky way for the Government to squeeze more money out of self-employed people, who already miss out on sick pay, holiday pay and other employee benefits.

In 2015, the Government promised to abolish Class 2 NICs – George Osborne even tweeted it! But the Government went back on its promise, and self-employed people are still paying the £156 Pension Tax today.

Join us in demanding that the self-employed £156 Pension Tax is abolished.


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*When comparing like-for-like earnings and considering tax relief on employer pension contributions.

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Signatures: 8Next Goal: 10
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