Abolish Leasehold In Favour of Permanent Ownership

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  • All flats in the country are leasehold.
  • It is not financially beneficial to invest large sums of money in apartments that will never be permanently owned.
  • The housing crisis will be solved to a great extent if people are given an opportunity to be able to purchase all flats under freehold ownership.
  • Many people seek out detached and semi-detached houses because they are freehold.
  • However, as an island nation with limited space, we should seek to preserve our beautiful countryside as best we can, and promote an increase in quality for complexes, which are built upwards, not outwards.
  • Many people would be happy to purchase flats under freehold ownership as the quality of new flat complexes soars.
  • Many new complexes that are being developed offer private gyms, cafés, swimming pools, and balconies with gardens.
  • A surge of increasing business for owners of complexes as an influx of increased prospective buyers come in will boost the economy.
  • As we see that many flats in construction nowadays are small, of low quality, and are architecturally unappealing, we believe that the abolishment of leasehold apartments will promote companies to invest more resources into complexes with a high quality of living, and construct more duplexes and penthouses with large open spaces to act as areas for relaxation and gardening.
  • Sooner or later, everyone is confronted with the issue with settling down, and the possibility of not being able to pass their property down to their kin is something that looms over the heads of those living under leases.
  • We ask that leasehold ownership be abolished for individuals wishing to permanently own flats.

Every hardworking Briton like yourself deserves a property that they can call their home forever, not one with a time limit, however long it may be.







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