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A United Nations which is effective.

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The United Nations is failing the world. This petition calls on the UK Government to resign its position on the Security Council and lead the call for a reformed United Nations; re-constituted to deal with the new realities in the post cold war world.

The United Nations is effectively a failed organisation, it disgracefully caused the Cholera epidemic in Haiti, denied it for years until the weight of evidence became too great and then claimed diplomatic immunity.

In Juba in South Sudan UN 'peacekeepers' failed to go to the assistance of aid workers being raped and assaulted just a few kilometres from their own base, a journalist there was killed. Indeed there have even been allegations of rape against UN 'peacekeepers' themselves.

However, it is the UN's failures in the area of endeavour which must be considered its raison d-etre which are the most disturbing. The UN has failed to bring about peace, or even a semblance of international law and order.

The UN failed in Kososvo, Sarajevo, and Mostar, it failed to prevent or curtail genocide in Rwanda, it failed to prevent war in Iraq, Afghanistan and Ukraine and is currently failing spectacularly again in Yemen and Syria. British and American politicians, Security Council members, are at a complete loss as to what to do.

Much of the reason for this catalogue of failure rests with the UN constitution which recognises five so called great powers as a Security Council. Four out of five of these supposedly great powers have been throwing ordnance around in Syria, mostly without a strategy and at least two of these stalwarts of the Security Council have supplied arms which have been used against civilians in Yemen.

As the instigator of this petition I don't pretend or imagine that I have all the answers, however, I would suggest it's high time that all nations of the world were recognised equally at the United Nations. I suggest that there are many fine organisations which could be consulted in the drafting of a new constitution, organisations such as The Carnegie Peace Foundation, The Nobel Peace Prize Committee and major universities which have undertaken appropriate studies, such as the University Of Groningen.

I believe that there could be a rotating presidency of the United Nations as well as equality. I believe nations should not indulge in military adventures beyond their own frontiers except in the most exceptional of circumstances and only then with the express consent of a newly constituted United Nations.

I believe that alliances have become, if indeed they were not always, extremely dangerous. Alliances sucked nations into World War One, which itself led to the conditions which brought about World War Two and alliances such as The Warsaw Pact and NATO could have led to a belief by some that a nuclear war was winnable.

If a principle and law is created, such that no country will go to war beyond its own frontiers and will not interfere singly in the internal conflicts of others, and that if any country is attacked the rest of the world entire will come to its aid, then alliances become superfluous and could even be outlawed. Possibly a newly constituted UN could control and limit international arms sales to an absolute minimum.

However I'm not trying to pen a new constitution for the UN as one individual, what I am sure of is that the current arrangements are fatally flawed. That vetos in the Security Council effectively enable militarily strong countries and I include my own, to do too much just as they will. My country is still a part of the problem, not part of the solution and that's what this petition is aiming to address.

I call on the UK Government to resign from the Security Council and to campaign for a new, more enlightened and equal constitution for the UN, a constitution for the twenty first century, a constitution which has a chance of bringing about peace, stability and a workable code of international law.

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