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A seagull cull in Kent

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Although protected, the number of seagulls that inhabit the British coastal towns is now getting to a ridiculous level.  They are a plague on society damaging and spreading desease with their webbed feet and disgusting droppings.  Ripping open bins and spreading rubbish all over the streets. Innocent people are divebombed daily being attacked in gardens and when out in public. Injuries are caused by the seagulls feet and beaks as they try to steal food out of the hands of anybody not paying attention.

Seagulls are taking over nature spots where children can no longer feed ducks or other water birds because the seagulls constantly dive bomb and attack the other birds on lakes.  It has also been reported that the gulls are eating ducklings.

If they are not damaging your home or covering your car with droppings they will wake you up on the morning with their high pitched cries.  

Why these flying rodents are protected I do not know as they are horrid noisy, dirty creatures that are a menace on our daily lives.

 I would like to see The number of gulls reduced greatly.  I am an animal lover and love to be out enjoying the countryside and nature but seagulls have damaged my car so many times now and plague Dover town centre and the surrounding parks.  They wake both myself and my neighbours up everyday. I have seen a seagull eating the contents of a babies nappy recently on someone else's car roof and felt it is time for a change.  

Our community will be a lot cleaner and our property safer if this flying menace is dealt with.



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