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A public consortium on the future of head vails Burhakas and the more extreme niqab

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In light of further terrorism within the UK WE need a vote on headvails Burhkas and the more extreme Niqab in the UK.

THIS poses an exatential threat as like in 2004 three men posed as Burhka clad women to go about with a failed liquid bomb attack on a British airways flight.

Here in the UK IT dose not help for positive integration and we need a permanent resolution if all communities are to integrate it makes life very uncomfortable when you can't see the faces of individuals walking down a local street an faces on show dose not help as people feel wholey separate too them....

We need to bring about fast change as many say and have experienced it first hand many times of late bus drivers asking for them to reveal there faces and their replying it is against their faith too show a White man it could be anybody under that guise ....

Let's follow the lead of France who are holding a consortium of the future of of the veil Finland and Switzerland who have out right banned it.

Let's give British security a major boost and say enough is enough vote for change today let's make the change let's tell the Govt we dont want this practice for our safety and future generations within the UK to see the faces of all so walk down the street 


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