A healthy future - there are no jobs on a dead planet

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Emily Thwaite started this petition to UK Parliament
  • It looks as if our government might be held to account for the damage it has inflicted on young people through the exams results disaster. 

Now our government (& all governments around the world !) needs to be held to account for carelessly handing down a dying planet to our young people.

Building a better world after the pandemic is urgently needed - the climate emergency is getting worse.

We are running out of time. We need to see emergency measures now.

A target of 2050 for zero emissions is TOO LATE. And we are far away from achieving that anyway.

Radical measures are needed immediately, in sustainable building, the end of new roads & airport expansions, the protection of oceans, rivers trees, animals & insects.

Many of us are trying to reduce our carbon footprints, but laws need to change.

Please help to wake up the people in power who can really make a difference.

Thank you,





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This petition had 89 supporters

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