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A fair child maintenence system

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Problem 1:Single fathers happy to pay for there children are financially punished. Im a father and children will always come first but calculations done on a monthly salary of £800-900 pound a month personally and also having my children 2 to 3 nights a week i pay £195.00 monthly which ive always done however financially that sum leaves me heavily relying on a second income which comes from my partner which leaves me begging the question How do us fathers survive on a single and low income? There must be plenty out there.The child maintenence Calculations are completly ignored when it comes to bills such as your rent e.g: A father financially cannot afford  there own utilty bills aswell as the child maintenence payments because they do not earn enough, money on child maintenence is not taken into account leaving us with various bills such as full rent and full council tax when its financially impossible to to cover bills,child maintenence and then your normal day to day needs which makes it very hard to see the point of employment. Its time to take child maintenence into account to get the help needed with living costs. 

Problem 2:Im paying for my children, not my ex partner: This is something i have dealt with for over a year its like a roundabout my children do not get the money my childrens money goes on fancy haircuts hair colouring nails, womens clothes etc whilst my children are sent on visits with stained clothes,shoes that are years old and ruined, the list goes on and week in week out i have to watch this happen and there is nothing i can do about it.I personally couldnt care about paying if i knew it was going on the children but it seriously is not and its kind of embarrassing knowing that my children are taken to nursery and other places in the same clothes from the year before, with the way this system works and with three young children im basically paying my ex for her own benefit for the next 18 years not my children and this is seriously wrong Im continually asked for payslips by the csa and i ask why the mother isnt having to orove anything when my children dont get the money?, theres nothing they can do its far to easy for mums to take what they can and not be questioned , why not introduce a childrens storecard for the money to be deposited to? Its time to make it fair especially for the childrens sake.

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