A Change In The Law For Siblings Rights!

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Ensure there's a legal entitlement to contact with siblings and half-siblings
Individuals should be entitled to contact with their siblings (including 'half-' and step-siblings) under 18, unless the courts deem that there is reasonable concern this would have a negative impact on the child's welfare.
As the law currently stands, there's no rights of access for siblings.

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The 'nuclear family model' (a father, mother and their children) is no longer representative of the family dynamics within the UK.
Therefore, we hope a law will be put in place to ensure siblings are entitled to contact with each other, as the law does not currently serve to protect that special, intimate bond they share. If the parent with custody decided to stop access to the other parent, the siblings suffer consequently - being unable to see each other. Or if the parents decide to disown a child that child cannot see their other siblings this is extremely detrimental and the siblings suffer especially when we discover we've no legal rights to a relationship! 

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