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8% MP Wage Reduction 'We must all live within our means at this unstable economic time'

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We have recently been told that people struggling must live within their means. This has become an impossibility for many many people. So many people are overworked, underpaid and unable to afford to pay bills or buy food, this is without 'luxuries' 

The people ask to see MP's also be able to live within their means. 

With an 8% reduction in MP wages, 5% of this could be pumped immediately into ALL public services. 3% to the immediate installation of sprinklers in all colleges, schools, residential homes etc

As well as a reduction, an expenses cap must be implemented.

To claim over a million back in a year of taxpayers money in expenses is outrageous. Why should the tax payer be paying for an expensive three course meal for someone else when said tax payer cant even afford to buy a loaf of bread.

A vote in this direction would show the public once and for all that our MP's are here for their people and not just their own party.

Any vote seen to be done from now on has no subject title, any vote is now literally seen as Tory V Labour regardless of the outcome. This is not right and we are all struggling. The country feels let down because throughout this election so many MP's were made aware of the struggle and suffering which is this current climate, expressed their deepest sympathies, then voted against a way of saving them, for their own gain.

This is a fair, equal and honest way of helping your people, while still keeping part of the unnecessary 11% wage increase.

3% is a brilliant wage rise in many peoples opinions.

(next question will be-do bankers really need a 35% pay increase, but that's for another day...)

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