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24 Hour Local Centre' which have Workers in Substance Misuse, Housing, and Mental Illness.

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I previously lead a life, that only could be seen as many, as self inflicted pain. I admit i could of made better decisions, but at that moment in time, i used drugs, was in and out of prison, was living rough and had mental health difficulties. 6 years later i know help people that have multiple complex needs. Back 6 years ago, i didn't know there was a diagnosis for having presented the 4 main aspects that contributes to multiple complex needs, as they are:

1. Substance Misuse.

2. Mental Illness.

3. Homelessness.

4. Offending Behaviour.


Ordinary people see homeless people and think, "You Scumbag", "Druggie", "Criminal". but dont actually stop to think why, are they in this situation. 

I see there is so much money spent on giving funding to Charities, that are Commissioned to make a difference. Although it seems the same situations keep happening, and yet there's more and more homeless people on the street, every day.

People are dying of Hypothermia, Hunger, Suicide and Substance Misuse.

Local Councils are not doing much to help people, as its cheaper to provide a months up front rent and deposit, than putting them into b&b. Private Landlords ask for A gurantor, and fees.

Why is there not any 24 hour centre's, that have a team of mental health, substance misuse, homeless and peer support workers that can offer meals and a bed for people that want to keep warm, then once they are willing to engage, they can get support into teaching them life skills and money management, so they can learn how to pay bills and live a sustainable life. To keep them busy and learning, the Centre could offer a variety of Groups and Activities, even workshops where they can get paid for doing actual work. 




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