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Massive support for Julian Assange in French and German working class

Davey Heller
Melbourne, Australia

Jan 14, 2020 — 

Julian Assange is an Australian citizen abandoned by his own government, who is being prosecuted by the US Government for exposing their war crimes and is currently imprisoned and tortured by the UK Government. However Assange is a truly international resistance figure and his fight is being adopted outside of the working classes of these three countries.Most notably mass support for Julian has developed in the French and German working class.

France and the Yellow Vests

In France the Yellow Vests have marched against inequality for over a year in the face of a hail of tear gas, stun grenades and rubber bullets. This movement has now been joined by millions of workers fighting to bring down Macron in a national strike. Within this movement, organising out of the Facebook page Assange Ultime Combat, French supporters have already  traveled twice  to London to protest at the court appearances of Julian Assange. They are currently mobilising to protest on January 25th outside Belmarsh prison itself, taking their resistance to the very walls that Julian is being tortured behind. Other French supporters from Wikijustice have traveled to London for every court hearing since September. 

Mass support in Germany

Few people in the English speaking world are aware that possibly the largest Assange petition to date  is the German language petition entitled “Prevent Julian Assange from being extradited to the United States!” launched by Thilo Hahn the day after Julian Assange was arrested illegally at the Ecuadorian Embassy. It has now has been signed by over 380,000 people!

Support in Germany can also be seen by the growth of the “Candles4Assange” network started by NZ activist Alex Hills to coordinate protests around the world. A visit to the website gives you details of protests and vigils in Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Baden-Baden, Ulm, Singen, Dresden, Munchen, Karlsruhe, Potsdam, Berlin, Hannover, Bremen, Monchenglandbach, Hannau and Cottbus in coming days. Whilst some of these vigils are small in number, they represent the breadth of support for Assange across Germany.  Regular protests are covered and organised in the Free Assange Committee Germany on Facebook. Some of these regular events such as this protest outside the US Embassy in Berlin are growing in strength every time they are held! German supporters are also planning to be at Belmarsh on January 25th and also when the full extradition hearing starts on February 24th. 

Active support groups exist in many countries around the world. Here is a list of some of them. Join one or start your own! Only a mass movement of working people fighting across borders can free Julian Assange as part of the campaign to defend journalism, free speech and to fight war! Julian in his letters from Belmarsh to supporters has encouraged people to start such groups and to organise support in their workplaces

Meanwhile this petition demanding the UK Government immediately transfer Julian Assange out of Belmarsh to a minimum security prison commensurate with his status as a non-violent political prisoner on remand has almost reached 25,000 signatures since being launched last November!  The urgency of this demand was again emphasized when his lawyer Gareth Peirce revealed in court on January 13th that the punitive regime of isolation being inflicted on Julian by Governor Rob Davis at Belmarsh has meant that he has only spent 2 hours with his lawyers since December 19th.

The court case on January 13th was another opportunity for French and UK supporters to join forces to stand up for Julian Here is some footage of French and British supporters blocking the SERCO van carrying Assange out of Westminster Magistrates Court. This act of defiance allowed Ruptly to capture footage of Assange and allow supporters to send Julian a direct message of support. This direct action is just a taste of things to come when people from France, Germany, the UK and elsewhere protest on January 25th at Belmarsh and again at Assange full extradition hearing on February 24th!

Julian Assange's next court date in London is currently scheduled for January 23rd. Please be there if you are in London to show support for Julian. 

Please continue to share this petition and do whatever you can to build a mass movement internationally to Free Julian Assange!



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