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Petition Update: Pamela Anderson reveals threats made to her and Julian Assange by Belmarsh Prison

Davey Heller
Melbourne, Australia

Nov 30, 2019 — 

As the petition to the UK Government demanding Julian Assange be moved out of Belmarsh Prison heads towards 7000 signatures, Pamela Anderson has described a serious incident that demonstrates how the maximum security conditions being inflicted on Julian, a non-violent political prisoner on remand, are being used to try and break him. 

On November 28th, the Daily Mail in the UK, published the transcript of a  speech that Pamela Anderson had planned to deliver during a visit to Australia. The speech revealed the shocking claim that Pamela Anderson and Julian Assange had both been threatened by a senior prison official, most likely Governor Rob Davis, during a recent visit at Belmarsh.

In her letter speech she stated:

"I hadn’t seen him since they took his internet away. His only connection to the outside world. Slowly painfully trying to destroy his spirit. Break him. Kill him. It is clear to all and if I can quote his mother Christine Assange, 'he is being slowly assassinated.’ And all this in plain sight.

I was relieved actually after visiting him in prison. It was the anticipation that scared me much more than sitting across from him finally. In a tiny interrogation room. To protect me? From other prisoners?

Even though I was scared and stressed to see my friend after what he’d been out through. He was clean shaven. His eyes were bright. He was ready to fight - smart/clever as always. His mind working fast.

But what was abnormally out of character - he was looking to us like his life depended on us. He was looking to us for hope - but then when my and his hope seemed to rise minutes before our time was up. The warden stormed in and made it very clear to me. That if I were going to be a problem. He’d make problems for Julian. It was a direct threat.

The psychological torture of this brave Australian journalist that chose to publish facts that we all needed to know for the sake of our children’s future and to save the innocent is relentless.

So every moment he is in there - he is in danger. When he is out of our sight he is in danger. I’m sure he is being punished for every bad word said about that prison. So I’m taking a big risk here. To let you know - it is a different set of rules there. There are no rules. That benefit him."

Read full speech and Daily Mail article here

As the Daily Mail stated, the “Warden” is the American equivalent of the Governor of a Prison, which in the case of Belmarsh is Rob Davis. 

Belmarsh Prison and Governor Rob Davis are not a politically neutral bureaucracy in the conspiracy to persecute Assange. Davis is a direct agent of the UK and US states who is enforcing a torturous punitive regime on Julian. Since at Belmarsh: Julian’s mail has been withheld for months at a time, he cannot call his US lawyers or family in Australia, he his is locked up 22 hours a day on the “healthcare” ward amongst severely disturbed criminals, other prisoners are locked down when he is moved around the prison, his access to legal documents has been limited, and he has not been able to access a computer to read his legal papers.

The threat made by the Warden to Pamela Anderson and Assange and his treatment stand in contrast to the treatment of another high profile prisoner recently incarcerated at Belmarsh Prison, Tommy Robinson. Tommy Robinson (Stephen Yaxley-Lennon), the far right anti-immigrant Islamophobic provocateur, spent two months in Belmarsh this year for contempt of court. During his time, Robinson, like Assange, was also held in isolation separate to the prison population but otherwise his treatment was very different. 

Robinson in a letter he sent from Blemarsh stated

The staff at Belmarsh have been great, the governor has made sure all of my rights are recognised, to be honest he’s making the best of a difficult situation having me as a prisoner....The governor and nurse in Belmarsh come and check on me daily here...”

A camera crew headed by UK actor Ross Kemp were also repeatedly given access to Robinson. He wrote: 

Last week though I got a pleasant surprise when I was taken at 7:30 AM to the gym. I was given 45 minutes but accompanied by Ross Kemp’s camera crew.” 

On another day Robinson wrote :
I hear the Daily Star have deleted their fake news story about an OAP beating me up ha ha. The Governor and Ross Kemp both came into my cell with the newspaper.

During his time he had access to a TV, an exercise bike and books. All which have been denied to Julian Assange who is forced to pace his cell each day imagining he is walking across Europe for exercise.

That a right-wing thug like Robinson is given the kid glove treatment in Belmarsh yet Julian Assange, the acclaimed publisher and journalist behind Wikileaks, who is only there on remand, is treated so harshly reveals the political role that Rob Davis and Belmarsh are playing in the persecution of Assange. 

This is why we must continue to share this petition demanding the UK Government immediately move Julian Assange to a hospital for urgent medical care and if and when he is deemed healthy to return to prison, he needs to be moved  to a low security prison where he can prepare his own defence. This is why we must continue to build the campaign, not just through the petition but in our communities, schools and workplaces. We demand Assange is moved out of Belmarsh as the conditions their are literally threatening his life and stopping him from defending himself. We cannot say say silent over his conditions at Belmarsh!

Lyssa Johnson, one of the courageous doctors to recently sign an open letter to UK Home Secretary demanding that Julian be given medical treatment in a hospital stated at a public meeting in London on November 28th, “You cannot treat a torture victim while continuing to torture them"!

However all of us sharing and signing this petition are also fighting for his full and unconditional release from custody. Julian has committed no crime. Journalism is not a crime! Exposing war crimes is not a crime!

The petition is heading towards 7000 signatures after only being launched on November 20th. Regular updates on its progress are sent by via email to the UK Minister of State Lucy Frazer and the CEO of the HMPSS Jo Farrar. Keep sharing the petition and lets get it to 10,000 soon!

Julian’s next court date in the build up to his February extradition hearing is December 19th at the Westminster Court in London. If in the UK, be there to protest and bear witness. 

#BelmarshiskillingAssange #FreeAssange #Noextradition

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