Magistrate Paul Brooks must be removed from the judiciary on grounds of gross misconduct

Magistrate Paul Brooks must be removed from the judiciary on grounds of gross misconduct

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Paul Ponting started this petition to Judiciary (Judicial Conduct)

A UK Magistrate named Paul Brooks, JP, has be found to have breached the GDPR by the ICO for publishing my personal details on a charity website.  Not only that, he intentionally posted a malicious lie about me with the intent of damaging my reputation. 

The Judiciary were notified and they appear to have deemed his conduct 'acceptable' by not removing him from this privileged position albeit he was banned from using JP after his name however he still remains 'on the bench'!  

I am asking that Paul Brooks be remove Paul Brooks from the Judiciary.  The public would expect members of the judiciary to act within the law themselves and those that do not are not fit to be a magistrate.

Peoples faith and trust in the judiciary is shattered when conduct such as this is reported and ignored.

Facts and Background.
I volunteered to be a Blood Bike volunteer, I gave my time, motorcycle, money FREE to this charity.  

It was known that I had a serious allegation against Lancashire police and due to this received a huge compensation payout from them for significant wrongdoings.

At this time, I was unaware that Paul Brooks was an ex-Lancashire police officer and a magistrate and was also the chairman of the charity that I joined. 

Paul Brooks was notified that I was charged with a minor criminal offence, an offence that I did not commit and was eventually acquitted of.     I have NO criminal convictions or cautions.  Paul Brooks was made aware of the facts of this offence and Paul Brooks twisted the words and posted it on the official charity website that I volunteered my time and money too. He did this as he was all too aware of my claim against Lancashire police, the force who he served with.

Paul Brooks, supposedly a professional person, a magistrate of all People then posted an extremely malicious comment about me on the Charity website saying that I had assaulted a minor.   This is utterly false and Paul Brooks was fully aware that it was I the victim of assault.  The offence  I was charged with (and acquitted of), was of public order, so 100% Paul Brooks knew his statement alleging assault was false.

Paul Brooks was fully aware of the facts, yet still posted this online.  Who would believe it, a lying Magistrate.  Just what the judiciary needs...

So I reported the actions of Paul Brooks to the Judiciary who 'investigated'.  They seem to feel Paul Brooks can still remain a magistrate, however they did ban him from using the letters 'JP' after his name.  This odd decision was made by a Lord Shuttleworth!

Clearly the judiciary believed he was up to no good as why would they ban him from using JP after his name.   Surely they would not do this for no reason? Still, they did not force him to stand down.

It was only after the judiciary investigated thay Paul Brooks eventually removed the malicious posting, not until it had been public for 41 days.  I had notified the charity (Paul Brooks) of the posting being malicious and false but the refeuse my requests.

So, I reported it the the ICO, the Information Commissioners Office who investigated and found Paul Brooks to be at fault. 

The comments of the ICO are::

I have considered the information available in relation to this complaint and I am of the view that NWBB has not complied with their Data Protection obligations. This is because it appears that they have not used appropriate lawful bases for processing special category data.

Furthermore, they have not held this information securely, as they published it on their website. In addition, it does not appear that this reporting of the facts is correct.

I understand that that post was on display for 41 days and has now been removed.

So, a UK Magistrate, found by the controlling authority to have maliciously and without LAWFUL bases, posted my personal data and also falsely reported facts of a crime to my detriment is allowed to go unpunished and remain on the judiciary.

There are a number of other incidents relating to Paul Brooks including he was in receipt of fraudulently 'de-valued' motorcycles by Lancashire police.  An offence that Lancashire police have lied about. 

All of the above information has been gained by Freedom Of Information requests and has been reported to the judiciary, Action Fraud as well the Police to investigate (how ironic)

I am asking that you PLEASE sign and share my petition to force the removal of Paul Brooks from the judiciary.


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