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My family need to be together

Letter to
Jaime Reed UKBA
We have 28 days to appeal a decision made by the UK immigration to get my husband home with me and our kids. The immigration is expecting him to have a total of £63 thousand in the bank in order to grant him a visa. This is outrageous and the UK government are virtually telling me and our kids to leave this country and live in Barbados as its my fault for marrying someone of a different nationality. We need to be together as a family and UK is where we have chosen to live for a better life for our children. He is NOT intending to come to the UK and claim benefits, we are legally married with 4 children and he has broken no immigration laws or any other laws for that matter, all we want is to be a family.

I am British, our 4 children are British and I cannot understand why so many other nationalities can come into this country, be supported by our government (in some cases) and be allowed to stay here until they appeal their cases, but my husband who is married to a British woman and have 4 kids together is denied. Others allowed entry into this country do not have £63k in their pockets. BRITISH citizens are being discriminated against.... Other members of the EU can bring in a foreign spouse with NO financial requirements, how is that fair?? I am all for helping others nationalities but British people deserve the same treatment.....

This is wrong and the rules need to be looked at, we have done everything by the book and told the whole truth, surely the government are not going to say that honesty does not pay??

Please help get my husband back where he belongs.