Reverse the ban against Lauren Southern and Brittany Pettibone from entering the UK

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On Friday 9th March, 2018, Brittany Pettibone and her boyfriend Martin were detained by UK Border control and kept in a detention centre for three days, they weren't allowed legal counsel. The reason given for this was that Ms Pettibone was due to interview Tommy Robinson in London and both Brittany and her boyfriend were due to speak at Speaker's Corner in London. The border control felt this would cause tension between communities. Detaining them without legal counsel and the reason give, without substantial proof, is a violation of the EU Convention of Human Rights Article Ten which explicitly states an individual has the right to freedom of speech and thought.


Following this, on Monday morning, Lauren Southern was detained by UK border control and told she could not enter the UK. Lauren Southern is a YouTube vlogger and journalist reporting on a variety of issues, including the issues in South Africa. 


These two examples are in violation of everything the UK claims to stand for, we are a liberal democracy, that has always championed the right to free speech and thought. Detaining three individuals who were coming to the UK to speak about issues they cared about, is a horrendous betrayal of British values. They were not coming to spread hate, they were not coming to spread war, or anything else. They were simply coming to speak and discuss issues they care about.


We cannot allow the government to get away with seizing individuals without substantial evidence. 

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