UK Home Office should revoke Carrie Lam's family citizenship

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The Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has invoke an Emergency Regulations Ordinance (ERO) by introducing and enforcing anti-mask law but not limited to Hong Kong Police Force which means they are not applicable to this law and are able to hide their identity. 

This shows the Rule of law is no longer being practiced in Hong Kong as the government and its executive authorities aren't equal before the law. It has became a state of emergency. In other words, the rule of law is dead and it is rule by law. 

Therefore, I request the UK Home Office to revoke Carrie Lam's Family members her husband Lam Siu-Por and her two sons Lam Jit-si and Lam Yeuk-hei. Their English names are as follows: Joshua and Jeremy who had settled and studied in the UK. I sincerely believe that to curb the violence in Hong Kong, UK has a moral responsibility and by doing so, the Home Office should permanently revoke their citizenship. As Carrie Lam is denying her administration's accountability and enforcing draconian law.