Test Julian Assange for Drugs! Protect the Rule of Law!

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The control of Belmarsh Prison is under the jurisdiction of the UK Home Office. It is responsible for overseeing the compliance with legal standards within the prison.

Since April 2019 the journalist Julian Assange has been held in this prison. The conditions of his conviction and incarceration are seen as completely disproportionate by many observers. Various individuals and organizations have expressed harsh criticism.

According to UN special rapporteur Nils Melzer, Julian Assange has been and is being psychologically tortured. A group of international doctors is extremely concerned about Mr. Assange's state of health and indicates the possibility that he will die. Thanks to the solidarity of inmates from Belmarsh, Julian Assange has now been released from unofficial solitary confinement. The extraordinarily work of many people has led to this success.

Still some questions remain. Julian Assange is repeatedly described as "medicated". According to eye witnesses at the hearing his gestures are slow, difficult, and clumsy. He struggles with articulation, stumbles over his words, mumbles only softly and is hardly understandable. His face is without expression, his eyes look dead. He looks extremely exhausted und struggles to stay awake. Grimaces appear and he bites his own cheek.

As we know from cases in elderly care homes across the world, they sometimes use the so-called chemical restraint to sedate the patients. The drugs used for this treatment cause symptoms similar to those described above. The effect is the elimination of the ability to participate in life, and thus the ability to defend oneself.

For this reason we ask the UK Home Office to test Julian Assange for drugs before and during the whole period of the extradition hearing. As doping control is a common procedure in sports, it should also be used to secure the standard of civil rights and due process. Mr. Assange can have his blood sample taken twice a day, which is then tested by two different institutes at home and abroad. The procedure should be supervised by a UN observer.

Protect the rule of Law! Test Julian Assange for medication intake!