Keep our family together in Bristol, UK #FamiliesMatter

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I'm a Canadian citizen who has been refused a UK spouse visa to live in Bristol with my wife and four daughters aged 9, 7, and 4 year old twins. The UK Home Office refused my request for not meeting the visa financial requirement, and did not take into account property I own and intend to sell in Canada once granted a visa and the fact that our home in Bristol is owned by our family. I am financially capable of supporting myself and family without any need of public funds. They did not regard the humanitarian considerations potentially breaking up our family for a lengthy period of time or even permanently to be immense. I now must appeal to the Home Office, a process that could take up to 12 months, during which we could be separated.

My wife and kids are all British Citizens, born and raised, well settled in Bristol, UK for years, and cannot relocate to anywhere else. My family is thoroughly active and embedded in the local community, the kids are very settled in school and preschool, and my wife in her home-baking business. The Home Office is robbing our young kids the chance to continue to live and grow up in a loving and caring family setup, and my family's right to live in their home country. 

Furthermore, I am a Software Projects Engineer, a role identified by the UK government to be in high demand in the UK. I am willing and keen to live and work in the UK, which I cannot do without a visa. The Home Office decision is threatening our prospects of living a settled work and personal life.

Please sign this petition to get the Home Office to reverse their decision and take into consideration our basic rights of having our family together, and others of similar circumstances. Families belong together! #FamiliesMatter