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Get JC home! Lift the ban, let her reapply!

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Jacinta Landon, known as JC to her students and friends, is the Principle and Director of ELEVATE Dance Company (a non-profit dance school in Salisbury). JC built her business over several years starting with 2 children to now, five years on, nearly 200 students. ELEVATE teaches at three local primary schools and prides itself on providing affordable dance classes as well as offering scholarships for gifted students from disadvantaged families. ELEVATE also provides work experience for teenagers in assisting roles and performs at the Teenage Market in Salisbury and other charitable events.

JC’s experience and teaching has contributed in several of her students auditioning and being accepted to prestigious Universities and Dance Schools across the UK.

JC is a huge part of Salisbury’s community and is shaping her students into confident, strong, hardworking individuals that strive to better themselves. JC is doing this not for financial gain but because she is one of those rare people that we as a nation need. She is one of those unique people that we should be embracing into our society: a fantastic role model and inspiration to all.

Without JC, ELEVATE is missing its soul and consequently, struggling to remain open.

JC moved in with her British husband in 2006 and they settled in Salisbury in 2011. He started his own business which he still runs today; JC worked two jobs to help support him to accomplish this. She then went on to start ELEVATE Dance Company. JC has made Salisbury her home. She is hardworking. She is in a loving marriage, where they both financially and emotionally support each other and share a property. She has two dogs and is desperate to start a family.

On the 30th August 2017 JC left the UK and returned to New Zealand after being issued a 28-day notice to leave following her renewal Visa application being denied. The reason for the refusal was that her ancestry Visa had expired so she had become an over stayer. JC was trying to apply for her British Citizenship but made a mistake with her paperwork. Being so settled in the UK she missed the vital date of her Visa renewal and unintentionally broke the law. Upon realising her mistake, JC immediately reapplied for a renewal of her Visa, but this was denied.

She has now been banned from the UK and from reapplying for one year. JC would normally be completely eligible to reside in the UK. She has a British husband. She is from the common wealth and she has British grandparents.

The most distressing factor is JC and her family have no one to turn to. No appeal was granted. The moment she became an over stayer she lost all her rights. The only option is a human rights lawyer, but this would cost in excess of £20,000: money we don’t have.

Please help us by signing this petition. As a valued member of our community, we are struggling to carry on without her. Her husband is without his wife. ELEVATE students are without their teacher and mentor, and our country is without an incredible, hardworking and inspirational woman. 

The punishment she has been given has a negative impact on so many people and is so harsh on someone who genuinely made an innocent mistake. All we are asking is that this ban be lifted and JC can reapply for a Visa and return home to her family, friends and students.

Please help us.

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